From Our School Director

Welcome to Mawar Sharon Christian School!

Thank you for taking your time to visit our site. We are excited to share the story of how we started the journey and how we have walked this far. To us, it has been an amazing walk with God, comprised of millions of big and small remarkable experiences. I hope by looking back at HIS-story in us, you can find “Who we are” and “Where we are heading with our Vision”. Read through and see if you can find the part where you can see, think, and later decide whether you wish to be part of this extraordinary journey!

Mawar Sharon Christian School is a school that was born from a vision that God sent us during the 1998 condition when Indonesia as a nation hit rock bottom and was at a critical turning point. God gave us a vision of a generation of leaders that would be a blessing for our nation. The hearts of the leaders of Mawar Sharon Church bloom with hope and excitement as we wait for God’s timing to fulfil His promise. Indonesia will rise up and thrive!

As part of the initiative to rebuild our badly shaken nation, we took small steps in strengthening the pillar of life from the 7 Pillars that have social impact: Religion, Government, Education, Media, Art & Culture, Family, and Business. The Church took part in building the family and religion aspects, and we further decided that there was one more strong pillar to build. Education has been one of the main pillars in any nation that wants not only to survive but also to thrive!

Nelson Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist who experienced a difficult era in the turn-around of Africa’s political turmoil, put it simply yet eloquently when he said that education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. However, education on its own is not enough. History proved that intelligence with no heart and character is dangerous! As Christians, we believe that values, knowledge and skills that have been taught will be far stronger and more influential if it is based on authentic Christian education: a Christ-centered education that is based on the Scriptures.

In the book of Proverbs it is written that "the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge". Because we believe that God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom, it is very important to be a person who grows in knowledge, but also to be a person who fears God so we don't just become knowledgeable people but also wise individuals. We are also confident that an authentic Christian education will give birth to visionary people who dare to face challenges. They won’t be limited by circumstances because they realize that God can work in miraculous and supernatural ways. In other words, authentic Christian education will prepare our students to be competent leaders with both knowledge and skills. It will also forge them to become individuals of character who have integrity and a great influence to the nation.

We started the school back in 2005 with 85 preschool students, a few teachers, and even fewer staff. God added and even multiplied the numbers year after year. We have seen God work in wonders and miracles in each aspect of the school life. I can tell you that it is true that there is no perfect school in the whole world because each one must fulfill His special mission. Each school has been designed specifically for a certain purpose He has in His mind, even before the child is born.

At the core of our Vision, we are committed to glorify Him by raising a generation of leaders who fear God, are wholly developed, purpose-driven and become the answer to the world. We equip and empower our students with knowledge, leadership qualities, and skills. The learning is designed to be permeated with Godly values to ensure that they will know Him first and love Him on the journey. We are not only focused on academics, but we also pay attention to students’ physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The students are also challenged to discover and develop their talents to finally find their purpose and place in this wide world. They are created for His purpose and need to become answer to the world’s multifold problems, be it immediate or far away where God sends them in their later lives.

School is not the end, it’s a mean to an end. The faculty and staff work hard everyday to shape our students to be knowledgeable individuals who serve others with love, integrity, accountability, courage, and confidence. They answers the world’s hunger for leaders who possess self-management skills, are good communicators, astute decision makers, creative & innovative problem solvers, tech savvy, and have great people skills. Our students are leaders in the making and eventually will be sent to shine!

I wish I could tell you more! You can browse on the links provided for information you need. You are, of course, welcome to come and visit us in person. Enjoy your time with us and be blessed!