I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

Alumni Highlight

Catherine Febriani

Year Graduated: 2020

School Achievement: Writing Competition 2019 by University of Tasmania (2nd Place Winner)
Undergraduate Study: Marketing And Communications in The Chinese University Of Hongkong, Shenzhen

School life was very interesting here at MSCS. We have this 13-floored building all to ourselves and the facility is great! Teachers have good personality and unique experiences which make these small classrooms effective in transferring their knowledge to us. Staffs were also very kind, they all love a good hello!

Janette Maharani

Year Graduated: 2020

Undergraduate Study: Health and Medical Science in University of Adelaide, Australia

During my 3 year study at MSCS, I learned a lot of new things and I discovered new interests. I have also gained many useful experiences that other schools does not provide (such as PDP). I am grateful that all of the teachers has been such a great help to me, they always motivate me to be the better person that I am today I am also thankful for being surrounded by amazing friends. MSCS helps me with my spiritual journey, by joining the student chapels I also felt closer to God and I am always reminded that God is with me through everything.

Leony Santoso Winaryo

Year Graduated: 2020

School Achievement: Juara 2 Engineering Physics Competition ITS, 2018, Top 10 Gold Teeny Graph on The Spot, 2017, Top 10 Gold Art Space Youthcon, 2019, Outstanding Boys Brigade Badges Achiever, The Best Academic and USEK Result Natural Science Stream, The Best Purposeful Discovery Project, The Most Outstanding Graduate
Undergraduate Study: Medical Doctor in Atma Jaya Catholic University

MSCS have been more than just my school, rather my second home. spending almost 12 years of my life, there are many things I've learned, and many experiences I cherished. I learned how to have good time management and being responsible for every task given to me. Having the opportunity to join the student council, I learned to work well in a team, also learned to be more confident. I also learned to serve others by serving in a monthly student chapel. I'm very grateful for my teachers who taught me patiently, helped me and endlessly supports me through tasks and assessments. It's quite a fight going through tides of problems, but I learned to trust God in all things. All in all, I am very thankful for my whole journey in MSCS, wouldn't trade it for the world!

Yehezkiel Rinaldi

Year Graduated: 2020

Undergraduate Study: Media and Communication in PSB Academy, Singapore

I learned a lot of things for the past 3 years of high school. This experienced made me who i am today. I learned that every person has their own unique trait and we need to try to understand them individually. Teachers are also humans that can make mistakes and sometimes we don't see the burden that they are carrying that's why we can't quickly judge a person because of their attitude in one moment. This school helped me to develop my skill set and my talents in a very unique way that i am grateful for it. The school has a good environment and great staff. The staff are kind and friendly people. Through highs and lows God has always been there for me for the past 3 years even though some times it was hard, i still trusted Him.

Yobellivia Pauline

Year Graduated: 2020

Undergraduate Study: Dentist in Hang Tuah University

During my 14 years study at MSCS, I truly enjoy every moment in there. I meet a lot of people and friends and bond a deep relationship because we have been always together since kindergarten. I also really enjoyed learning in Mawar Sharon. We can learn how to speak English fluently and they also teach me how to have confident ins peaking foreign language and not afraid to try. Besides English we can also choose learn various languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, and German. We also have unique and fun learning in classes, and those classes were not boring but I really enjoy attending it. The school also give excellent school facility and complete security. I really feel comfortable staying in school with my friends.

Sarah Vanessa Amelia

Year Graduated: 2019

School Achievement: The Best UNBK Result 2019, Social Science Stream, The Best Academic Achiever Social Science Stream in MSCS
Undergraduate School: Universitas Pelita Harapan, Jakarta

During my 3-years study at MSCS, I learned a lot about developing my skills, both academic and social aspects. Academically, I have gained plenty of useful knowledge and skills. I was also able to discover and develop my talents and potentials. I am really grateful that I was surrounded with such fun and supportive friends. I also had the opportunity to join the school organization and to serve in the school service every month. Spiritual aspect has always been a very important part of MSCS. I was able to learn how to balance my school life and my spiritual relationship with God. I was also faced with many situations where I learned to depend on God no matter what. I was grateful that I had an environment where people shared the same values about God and the other spiritual aspects.

Richard Christian Suteja

Year Graduated: 2019

School Achievement: The Best Academic Achiever Natural Science Stream, The Outstanding Boys Brigade Achiever 2019, The 2nd Runner Up Purposeful Discovery Project Achievement in MS High
Undergraduate School: Universitas Pelita Harapan, Jakarta

MSCS had been a wonderful experience and a catalyst for my talents’ and character’s growth. MSCS doesn’t only help students to encounter talents and uniqueness by themselves, but the school also helped students in nurturing and multiplying our God-given gifts. The presence of teachers as great mentors for the student plays a huge impact on the students’ morale and motivation in learning and contributing to the world.
MSCS is a school walking in God’s grace; therefore the school always emphasizes how God is the center of all life in the universe, and how God is always so good to human being. Every lesson is founded from the Bible’s principles and values. Even outside of the class, all staff, friends, and teachers provide a friendly and Godly atmosphere within the building which helped me to always try to apply God’s words in my daily life.

Ivander Jonathan Marella Waskito

Year Graduated: 2019

School Achievement: The Best Graduate 2019, The Best UNBK Result 2019, Natural Science Stream, The Best Purposeful Discovery Project Achievement in MS High
Undergraduate Study: Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore

I am very grateful to have studied at MSCS. It was an insightful three years of class. The teachers are none but supportive and the essence of friendliness during and outside lessons is strong.
In Purposeful Discovery Project, I was introduced to university projects. I have learnt a whole lot of new things, especially about conducting a research and creating a research paper. All parts of the project were given to us in such a way that it does not bother our main academic classes. The trips around Surabaya and Singapore are unforgettable, and gave a lot of insight towards society.

Livianne Limuil Hengastaputra

Year Graduated: 2019

Undergraduate School: Computer University of Hertfordshire

Mawar Sharon Christian School (MSCS) is one of the best schools I’ve ever been. MSCS guides the students to pick the most appropriate extracurricular activities to enhance our talents. I joined the basketball team, culinary, and entrepreneur for these past 3 years. The Boys’ Brigade is also one of my favorite activities since it has influenced me to be more disciplined.
My teachers had a huge impact throughout my senior high school life. Whenever I had problems, they would always be there to support me and sometimes they sacrificed their time to help me. I am really grateful to have them in my life.
These past 3 years has taught me a lot about how important morning devotion is. Every day, we gathered in one class to read the Bible and had a sharing session. MSCS created a new great habit for me, I learn that we need to come before God to start our day and surrender. We also had a chapel where we sang and listened to God’s words together with classmates, teachers, and staff. MSCS is a school where Christianity becomes a lifestyle and it will definitely help us to have a closer relation with God.

Alexandra Belinda Santosa

Year Graduated: 2019

Undergraduate Study: Computer Science Major in University of Adelaide, Australia

Mawar Sharon Christian School Senior high life is really fun. I got to know most of our friends’ personalities more. Not only that our characters are built here, our faith is also honed in SH. I strongly believe that SH life is fulfilling the word of God. For example, God said that we have to use our talent to praise Him. During my Senior High time, I got to develop my talent, and even joined competitions. On a personal note to all new students, just ask what team or competition you can join at SH, by joining it, you get more credits for university entry. Mawar Sharon had been my second home for 12 years, but I really feel SH is the warmest home!
Teachers in SH are really caring and supportive. I have found difficulties on building relationship with teachers back then, but not in SH. For example, if I greet SH teachers, they will always give their biggest smile. They are the ultimate reason to be happy every day. I really appreciated their hard work for us to achieve our goal in Senior High.